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Yunxiao Hotel Landscape Design



Wuwei PRC




Hospitality 酒店





The Yunxiao International Hotel project is located in the core area of the new CBD, across a road from the city government and adjacent to the largest wetland park in the city. Its geographical location is very important and superior, with the long side of the tower facing the 900,000-square-meter Haizang Wetland Park to the west, provides rare wetland landscape for hotel guests.

In addition to the hotel function, this project also features high-end commercial facilities on the east and west sides, as well as a boutique supermarket on the underground level. Therefore, the landscape design of this project needs to consider the different needs of various businesses. MIND incorporated the "cloud" element of Yunxiao Group and drew inspiration from traditional Chinese cloud patterns, applying them to the entire site's pavement design. At important areas, layering mountains and cascading water were utilized to create a more dynamic and natural interpretation of the cloud pattern. In terms of details, various interactive art installations were designed to illuminate the landscape space.

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