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越海全球供应链是全球物流供应链行业首家独角兽。2020年深圳续富士康、华为之后第三家进出口额超百亿美元的企业。MIND因其在设计领域的国际化标准以及卓越的服务能力赢得越海全球北京中心的设计机会。越海北京总部位于北京市经济技术开发区, 东临经海五路,西临经海路,南临科创十一街,与京东集团总部一路之隔,由北京越海全球物流有限公司投资建设,将作为越海全球物流北京总部。功能包含供应链基地、办公、企业展示、以及接待中心等。

YH Global is the first unicorn company in the global logistics supply chain industry. It is the third company with an import and export volume of more than 10 billion US dollars in Shenzhen after Foxconn and Huawei in 2020. MIND was chosen by YH to design the YH Global Beijing Center, for its international design standards and excellent service. YH Beijing Headquarters is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Jinghai Fifth Road in the east, Jinghai Road in the west, Kechuang 11th Street in the south, and close to the headquarters of Jingdong Group. It is invested and constructed by Beijing Yuehai Global Logistics Co., Ltd. and will be used as their office headquarters in Beijing provides office space, corporate display areas, and reception centers.

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