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Shanshui City Landscape



Wuwei PRC




Residential 住宅





The Yunxiao Shanshui City project is a high-end luxury residence situated in the CBD of Wuwei city. MIND has been entrusted with both the architectural and landscape design by the client. The location of the project is superior, with the main entrance facing the 900,000-square-meter Haizang Wetland Park to the west, and the exquisite landscape of Yunxiao International Hotel to the south. The wide site, enclosed by six towers, provides ample room for imagination in the landscape design.

Unlike other local residential landscape that adopt simple and boring or traditional Chinese-style landscaping techniques, MIND uses "straight lines" as the core element in this project. The design repeats, intersperses, nests, stacks, connects the straight line elements to create a linear theme park in line with contemporary popular aesthetics for the 410 residents. This design style offers residents a different experience from the Chinese-style garden landscape of the Wetland Park and complements the modern architectural design of the residential building facade.

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