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Qixiang Center



Wuwei PRC




Hospitality 酒店






The project is located at the Liangzhou New District, Wuwei, with the Zangzhuang Yi Road to the west, Qilian Avenue to the south, Xinjian Road to the north and the urban public green space to the east, occupying a total area about 28,226㎡, among which the site area is about 12,000㎡. The project consists of a four-star hotel tower, a high-end service apartment tower, and an open street retail.

Different from the common treatment - with large-scale stone cladding covered and huge roofs above - of other new buildings in the area, this project combines with local features and international vision to explore a new design gesture for the new district development. The design reinterprets the New Chinese Style from three levels, namely open and flexible master planning, exquisite and beautiful proportion, as well as delicate and elegant details. For the first level, two high towers occupy both ends of the site, making the overall project layout and volume balanced and steady with lower functional volumes of the remaining around the two towers. Regarding the second level, we try to increase the elevation changing hierarchy and the proportion of transparency to solid, in a relatively concise building massing. In the third level, on the premise of ensuring the unified facade language of the project as a whole, the design details of the facade have been changed in accordance with different functions, so as to increase the delicacy of the design and improve the visual durability.

The design considers the feasibility of construction technology, cost and practical functions, to achieve a tower image with unique identification. The windows on the hotel facade are recessed to expand the unique view and help to enhance the indoor lighting. On the other hand, the metal window frames on the facade of the apartment extend outward to keep the privacy of each unit.

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