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Maison Tong



Xiamen PRC




Retail 零售




The project is located in the block near Xiamen Datong Primary School, adjacent to the Bank Center. The portal of the bakery is designed to be lower than usual. And the storefront is maximally painted white, just with a simple logo. As thus, the bakery stands out from the dark-colored and messy street, as a serene and low-profile spot that attracts people to explore. The color effect is extremely under control. Colors are only used on those materials that can achieve perfect appearance, such as the store logos and staff uniform. The lake blue awning opens periodically to create the fresh French style. The window bar offers two to four seats, allowing diners to see the street through frameless French windows, and passersby to see the dynamic display of diners the other way around. Based on the client’s professional equipment arrangement, water, electricity, range hoods and other existing facilities are effectively used in the kitchen. The square frame in the store is the shelf of all kinds of baked goods. And also, it visually connects the most ornamental worktop and the sales area. Different from the neutral color temperature of the portal light strip, the indoor light color is much warmer, with a spotlight on the nameplate on the side of the store. Walking in the street at night, we can always see the warm bakery there.

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