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Jiuting High-tech Park



Shanghai PRC


XIOPM 西科控股


Mixed Use 综合体




MIND has announced the Shanghai Jiuting High-tech Park project, which is situated at the intersection of Songjiang, Minhang, and Qingpu districts. The project is near the Hongqiao Business District and the G60 Corridor. The industrial park is expected to become a prominent business card for the technology industry in Songjiang District and Shanghai. The project has a GFA of 246,000 square meters and comprises 12 R&D office towers, 2 apartment towers, a conference center, an exhibition center, smart pilot factories, supporting retail and catering. It will provide high-tech enterprises with office R&D space throughout their life cycle from incubation to headquarters, along with complete supporting services in technology, finance, and life support. MIND has adopted a photonic chips and optoelectronic motherboards design concept for this high-tech park, treating the entire base as a motherboard with many photonic towers inserted on it. The tower design incorporates central and side core layouts, offering customers a range of space options with different span sizes. Furthermore, the implementation of a parametric facade design enhances the project’s premium rate and recognizability.

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