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Horizon Dominion Villa



Xiamen PRC




Residential 住宅




This private villa project is on the north shore of Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen Island. The project is a four-story villa. Some floor slabs have been removed, an atrium has been added, and the double-height area has been expanded, reducing the building area by nearly 10% compared to the original. The functional layout is from open to private from the first floor up. On the first floor, a banquet hall that can accommodate 20 people at the same time, a children's playroom, and a tearoom surround the sunken garden, and interact with the terrace above through the plants. Professional kitchens, back of house, private cinema, and display garages are all available. The second floor contains a double height living room, a lounge, an open kitchen, and a daily dining room connected to the kitchen on the first floor by a dumbwaiter. The third floor is for children's study rooms and bedrooms. The fourth floor is for master bedrooms, gymnasium, living room and Buddhist Hall. By considering the owner's preferences, lighting and climate conditions, existing architectural temperament, and functional layout, etc., MIND brings a dynamic multi-level landscape plan. The garden on the first floor takes the tropical monsoon forest as the theme, mainly shade-loving plants, which can effectively shield the service part. The terrace on the second floor is used as an outdoor reception area and surrounds the living room, including an herb garden, outdoor dining area, and children's playground. The three-story succulent garden provides a unique terrace view for the gym and living space. MIND provides a full range of services including architectural renovation, interior design, and landscape design for this project.

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