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Confucian Temple Project



Wuwei PRC




Planning 规划





Wuwei Confucian temple is the most complete large Confucian temple in northwest China, and a real masterpiece of Confucian temple architecture. This project is located in the core area of Wuwei old city, just adjacent to Wuwei Confucian temple. It is a part of Wuwei historical district, and one of the three historical protection areas in the master planning. In addition, there are many historical relics in the site, with 20 historical courtyards scattered all over the place and abundant tourism resources in the surrounding area. All of above makes it very suitable for the development of cultural tourism projects.

This case offers a scientific, rigorous and complete project development design, which has been unanimously recognized by the local government departments and the expert group. The project design mainly meets four difficulties as below: 1. How can we scheme out a design that can not only meet the strict planning restrictions, but also fully exploit the tourism value of Confucian temple in such an important historical protection area? 2. What is New Chinese-style architecture? How can we properly handle the relationship between the newly-built buildings and the Confucian temple with the scattered 20 historic courtyards? 3. The project covers an area of 109,000 square meters. Due to the planning limits, the floor area ratio is only 0.84. How can we organize the circulation and retail layout scientifically and systematically? And how can we distribute commercial retail, F&B, boutique hotels, institutes and other functions in a large area? 4. Have we fully considered the investment return of the developer and the operation management issues? Ultimately, this project design has solved all the above problems perfectly.

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