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MIND releases new landmark complex project in Xi'an


New Project 最新项目


MIND releases the Xi'an Silk Road Software City Landmark Complex Project, situated at the intersection of Tiangu 6th Road, Tiangu 7th Road, and the West Third Ring Road. As one of the three core projects of the Software City, it will serve as a vital hub connecting the CBD on the west side and the living area on the east side. The project spans 430,000 square meters and comprises two towers: a 120-meter mixed use tower with garden office, shared office and SOHO, and an 85-meter headquarters office tower. A retail podium of 46,000 square meters connects the two towers at the bottom.

Breaking away from traditional scattered tower layouts, MIND's design features two semi-enclosed towers that gather various business types and covered by a mega roof. The two C-shaped towers enclose a large roof garden in the middle, intersecting with the suspended park bridge across the West Third Ring Road of the urban expressway. The design forms an urban sky garden that can naturally guide and serve citizens. In the façade design, the texture of the Ming Dynasty city wall in Xi'an is applied to the curtain wall, reflecting traditional architectural forms in modern buildings.



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