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Shuangfeng Yifang New City Retail Street Project in Hunan Province is developed by Hunan Wantian Real Estate Co., Ltd., located at the west of Guofan Road and east of Fuhou Road with the Shisuntang Road to the north and Yifang New City Graden to the south. With a theme of "water coming from the east and circulating around", the architectural layout of the open blocks in the project attracts people from all directions and injects vitality into the street. The whole retail street is composed of 4 four-storey retail buildings on the east and west sides and 6 three-storey retail buildings in the middle, which cleverly forms a unique inner street, while providing a clearly sense of openness and inclusiveness brought by the futuristic and forward-looking "international street".

Given the master planning strategy of surrounding plots, in addition to meeting the overall planning requirements, the design of this project more actively responds to the surrounding environmental conditions, makes full use of the surrounding resources, and meets the constraints of various specifications. While taking into account the integrity and value of its own planning, it also creates a forward-looking design and a win-win future. Efficiency and flexibility: the overall planning and design focus on the functional requirements of the clients and the flexibility of future use to create efficient retail products and cleverly use the rational layout, thus further providing the possibility of flexibility and diversification for clients’ future developments.

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