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Wuwei PRC




Residential 住宅





此项目景观资源极佳,除了坐拥一路之隔的1350亩海藏湿地公园外,在整体规划之初,MIND DESIGN景观设计团队已同步介入,为小区内部打造出上万平方米的品质中央公园,同时与北侧五星酒店景观广场遥相呼应。

MIND DESIGN 提供了建筑设计、景观设计等全套服务。

Situated in the core area of the CBD of Wuwei new district, the Yunxiao Shanshui City project is positioned as a new benchmark for high-end residential community in the city. The city’s largest wetland park is adjacent to the west side of the site, and on the north side is the new urban landmark Yunxiao International Hotel and the core government administration zone.
The project consists of 6 residential towers with 410 high-end suits, each with an average area of 129 ㎡. The layout of the residential suites is designed to be larger in width and smaller in depth, allowing more south-facing light to enter the internal spaces. Due to the optimized structure design, the layout and spaces could be rearranged and combined to meet the occupants' changing requirements in the future.
The public building facade design of the residential towers simplifies the construction process and saves costs. High-quality facade materials and exquisite detail design have increased the premium rate of the project.

This project has an excellent living environment. In addition to the adjacent 1,350 acres of Haizang Wetland Park, a quality internal central park of over 10,000㎡, suitable for all age groups, was designed by MIND DESIGN at the beginning of the planning stage. At the same time, the five-star hotel landscape plaza on the north side could be another view point for the residents.
In this project, MIND DESIGN provides a full set of design services such as architectural and landscape design.

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